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International University Of FLORIDA.

International University Of Florida is a public American university that’s centered around research. The institution has two main campuses and has won several awards for being very proactive with it’s research activities.

The University Of Florida is located at the southern tip of Florida peninsula’s east coast, Miami, Miami, the mouth of the canal, a very Biscayne bay, west border everglades. The urban area of 88 square kilometers, the big city including Miami Beach and around 28 towns, several with 80 km north of palm beach is an organic whole repeatedly, the total area of 6237 square kilometers. Miami is subtropical climate, is the United States the most warm winter city. January average temperature 19.5 ℃, 7 monthly average temperature 28.3 ℃, annual average rainfall of 1290 mm.

In recent 40 years, Miami, Florida, has become the biggest city, is the maritime gateway to Latin American countries. Tourism is booming, related to the tourism industry is very developed, such as clothing, food, plastic products, accessories, etc. In Miami, in addition, electronics, electrical appliances, construction, fishing is also very rich, and is the national important financial center; there are more than 100 Banks, the 14 for foreign Banks. Miami has six universities, the city’s Marine meteorology research institutions and world famous.

  • Historical Background.

Florida international university located in Miami. The school was built in 1965, is one of the 11 public universities of Florida, the existing more than 36000 students, is one of the largest universities of south Florida. The school consists of 19 colleges, covering subjects more than 200, 95% of the teachers with doctor Dr Or above degree; the teaching quality is excellent, especially undergraduate education. School is in pay attention to the quality of teaching at the same time is also very pay attention to the development of the study, in the Carnegie doctoral education teaching and research universities in the progress of the outstanding achievements. The school’s accounting institute is one of the largest accounting institute, U.S. news and world report professional rankings, the university of international business major seventh place in the United States, business school ranked America’s schools, 25, hotel and tourism management institute ranked sixth in the United States.

Colleges & Faculties.

The following colleges and faculties make up The International University Of Florida;