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Best Australian Universities For Foreign Students.

Australian Universities have been ranked as some of the best in the world today. Little wonder most foreign students always pick Australian Universities as one of their preferred institutions of choice. Let’s take a look at one of Australia’s finest university and the features that makes it stand out.

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At the University of Sydney is located in Australia’s largest and most vibrant city of Sydney. The international metropolises with “lifestyle” Sydney determine the position of one of the leading cities “internationalization”, and by the authority of international travel magazine as “the best city in the world”. Sydney is located in the southeast coast of new south Wales, Australia, is Australia’s portal channel, also is one of the most diverse city culture in the world, her food, entertainment, and custom penetrates this feature. Now a total of more than 400 people live in this beautiful land. Sydney is Australia’s various basic port of international shipping routes, she than other cities in Australia have more opportunities for entertainment, shopping and sightseeing. Sydney landmark is a famous Sydney harbor bridge, Sydney opera house and call for the spectacle.

In Sydney, four seasons climate: December to February for the summer, march to may for the autumn, June to August for the winter, from September to November for spring. January and February the hottest, the highest temperature of 25 ℃ or so; And in July and August, the most cold, about 6 ℃ lowest temperature. Sydney is not the rainy season, average rainfall distribution in months throughout the year. Sydney city climate is mild, the sunshine is bright, and people love outdoor sports, advocate a healthy lifestyle. Hundreds of thousands of leisure entertainment, Sydney with swimming, hiking, camping, the most popular.

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  • Brief History

Established in 1850, The University of Sydney, is the foremost university on Australia. This institution has enjoyed a reputation as the most renowned university in scholastic attainments. She won a federal government education quality committee awarded the title of the best university in Australia, teacher force strong, teaching facilities. There are the most comprehensive departments at the University of Sydney. Especially in building, law, medicine, business and professional art.

As an important university of Australia, the university of Sydney in the Australian eight school alliances “and” university of Pacific rim alliance “plays an important role. In the past four years, at the university of Sydney, a total of 49 items outstanding federal government achievement award winning Sydney in 9, for the combination of academic research and industrial society and made great contributions to the common development.

Covers the main campus of the university of Sydney Sydney center zone area of 72 acres, close to the central station and Chinatown, only 5 minutes away from the central business district. Other campus distribution in the center of the city and its surrounding.